World Prayer Today

God’s Word is finding favor in Yemen

January 18, 2023

Yemen is home to one of the greatest humanitarian crises in the world, and all Yemenis suffer—but living in this Muslim-dominant country, Christians are additionally vulnerable and fear discovery and exposure for their faith.

Today as we pray for our brothers and sisters who are often isolated or forced to meet in secret, let’s thank God for listeners like these who bravely hop aboard the Bible Bus each day:

Farid texted to say: “I’ve started downloading your program, although it takes time because here in Yemen the connection is weak and expensive. But I still do it slowly and distribute it to my friends. Pray for us please. Thank you and God bless you.”

Abdullah shared: “I would like to know more about the Holy Bible. It has been a while since I started listening to your program, and the uniqueness and how it displays the truths in the different Gospels and books makes me, as a Muslim, wonder if what I have learned about Christianity through our Imams is true! So please help me know more.”

Let’s bring our hearts to the Lord now:

Father, thank You for Farid, Abdullah, and all those studying Your Word in Yemen. We ask You to protect them and provide for their needs so they’re strong and courageous in the face of those who persecute them. Please remove any barriers to THRU the BIBLE as it goes out today. May it be easily heard and penetrate the hearts of those who would normally oppose the mention of Your name. We love that You make ways when all seems impossible. We pray in faith and awe today … in Jesus’ name, amen.

Ever feel like you don’t measure up to God’s standards? Oleg in Russia did. Meet us here tomorrow for his story.

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