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Focusing on a relationship and not rituals

January 09, 2023

“To stand in days like these, you need to be rooted in the Word of God.” -Dr. J. Vernon McGee in “Living for God in a World that Has Forgotten Him”

“The world seeks to confuse; thanks to God’s Word, I now know the truth.”

That’s what we hear from a listener of THRU the BIBLE in Indonesia. He continues:

“I praise the Lord for your programs in my language of Madurese. Through you God has set me straight. I was a believer but still followed popular mythology. I did not realize this made me unfaithful to the Lord Jesus. I at once prayed to God to ask for His forgiveness, and from now on I just put my faith and trust in Him, not myths and rituals. It is easy to be sidetracked … thank you for keeping us on the right path.”

It’s true, it can be easier than we think to get sidetracked by dangerous thinking or even misplaced priorities as we do things for God instead of spend time with Him (think of Mary and Martha in Luke 10). Today thank Him for His Word that helps us keep our eyes on Him. As we study His Word today, pray more people in Indonesia hear His Word and learn the importance of a relationship with the Lord, not rituals.

Want to learn more about how to avoid false teaching and confused thinking in your life? Dr. McGee offers practical instruction in his free booklet download “Living for God in a World that Has Forgotten Him.”

We’re singing God’s praises in Rwanda tomorrow. We’ll meet you there.

Listen here to TTB-Madurese.