World Prayer Today

Saying good riddance to our sin

December 28, 2022

“God has put our sins behind His back, and He won’t turn around. When we come to the living God and repent, He forgives and forgets. He says, ‘I see you in Christ, and I accept you in the Beloved. My child, you are lovely to Me, and you can call Me Father. Someday you will stand before My throne without spot or blemish.’” -Dr. J. Vernon McGee from the digital booklet “Forget About It: How to Put the Past Behind You

The past is gone. We can’t change one event or experience. But we can change our future. That’s what Ehsan in Egypt is focusing on now. Here’s his story:

“I listened to an episode from Acts and felt condemned in my heart. I had been astray for so long and I felt so empty and in spiritual pain. Thank you for your continuous efforts that help sinners like me repent and come back to Jesus. Through God’s Word I’m learning to let go of my previous life and keep my eyes only on how I can serve God now. The guilt is great, but God is greater. I’m so thankful for that.”

Today let’s praise God using Jeremiah 31:34 as our guide.

Father, thank You for the work of Jesus Christ in our lives. Thank You that through Him You offer to forgive and forget the sins of our past. Help us to say goodbye and good riddance to our sin as well. We ask Your Spirit to help us live each day from here forward with You and for You. In Jesus’ precious name we pray, amen.

Come along and rejoice with us tomorrow in India.

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