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Overcoming hurdles to faith in Egypt

December 22, 2022

When Muslims come to faith in Jesus Christ, they face many doctrinal hurdles, including false teachings that tell them the Bible is corrupt, that Jesus did not die, and that to believe in the Trinity is to believe in polytheism.

Yet, slowly and surely, God overcomes these misconceptions with His truth on THRU the BIBLE. Let’s praise the Lord today for these listeners who have recently joined us on the Bible Bus:

Missa shares: “This is a small, fast note to share with you my new faith in Jesus Christ. I’ve left the darkness of Islam and lies of my childhood. I am now a new creation. I cannot receive anything from you because I cannot let anyone from my family know, but when I can, I will watch your satellite TV show. Please pray for my safety if my family finds out about my faith.”

Khaled recently said: “I thank God for technology! Without it I would never have found the truth. I was born in a Muslim community, and we have never been told that there is another truth beside the religion that we inherit. I never was comfortable with Islam but did know where to go and ask. And as I was listening to radio an email and social media address were announced. I went directly and started browsing. I kept listening and listening and all that I was looking for my heart, mind, and soul found. Thank you, please pray for me to learn to love Jesus more. Life won’t be easy when I declare my faith, but I’m praying for courage and strength.”

What great news. As we pray for strength and courage for Missa, Khaled, and those who leave Islam to follow Jesus, pray we too learn to love Jesus more as we seek Him in His Word.

Celebrate the truth of Matthew 16:25 with us tomorrow in Indonesia. We’ll meet you there.

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