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Hearts of Muslims are changing in Somalia

November 28, 2022

Earlier this month we were reminded of how difficult it is to worship and live for Jesus in Somalia. So today as our journey of praise brings us back to this east African nation, let’s thank God for the hearts of listeners like these:

Gurey says: “You are doing a divine service. My brothers and myself are now Christians. My wife is not. Please pray we can keep our secret and continue to worship the Lord.”

Liban texted: “I am from a Muslim background and some portions of the Bible are hard to understand by those who are not familiar with the Word of God. Thank you for making it not only understandable, but desirable.”

Hirsi shares: “There are five of us who want to worship God, but we do not know where to go. We listen to you in secret and are grateful for the instruction you provide.”

It’s a privilege to watch God change the world one heart at a time, isn’t it? Today thank Him for the work He is doing in Somalia and join us tomorrow as we celebrate in Cambodia.

Listen here to TTB-Somali.