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Why do you study the Bible?

November 11, 2022

Why do you study the Bible? To know God better? To recognize His voice? To guard yourself against false teaching? To follow Jesus? There are so many, many good reasons. Here’s why one listener in Zimbabwe tells us he regularly hops aboard the Bible Bus with us:

“Knowing what is true can be difficult. So many different people teach different things about God. I am grateful for your program that helps us find out for ourselves. We are a group of people who are studying God’s Word with you in English. Please send us the notes so we can continue to learn.”

Today thank God for the incredible gift of His Word. Tell Him the many things you are grateful for as you study it today. Then pray more people in Zimbabwe hear THRU the BIBLE and not only are able to discern the truth from lies, but are changed by the hope, power, and joy God provides as we seek Him verse by verse, chapter by chapter.

God has been answering our prayers this year. Join us on Monday as we begin to celebrate and share stories of His goodness.

Listen here to TTB-African English.