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God is answering our prayer in Lithuania

September 22, 2022

Good news, Prayer Team, God is answering our prayers in Lithuania! Rejoice in these texts recently received from those who have hopped aboard the Bible Bus with us.

Kolanta says, “THRU the BIBLE made a difference in my life. These programs helped me to know the Word of God better.”

Asta shares: “It is so good to hear in your programs words that support my faith, that inspire me, and give me hope.”

Larisa says, “I have been a believer in the Lord my whole life. Your radio programs enrich me spiritually.” 

Another person writes, “THRU the BIBLE is a very needed program. I do not think that many Lithuanians are reading the Bible and understanding it. I believe that your teaching helps many to want to know God.” 

Arunas was a new believer when he began listening several years ago. He says, “When I was temporarily without a church, I was listening to THRU the BIBLE on the radio every evening. I really liked the studies and they served me very well.”

Audra explains how THRU the BIBLE brought great comfort during the Covid pandemic: “During the evening we would always listen to the programs together with my mom. These programs helped us survive a very difficult period of my mother’s sickness. Thank you very much!”

Isn’t it great to hear about how God’s Word is making a difference in so many lives? Let’s continue our prayers for THRU the BIBLE Lithuanian and ask that all who listen will be encouraged to live a life that glorifies God.

How are you being changed as you study God’s Word? A fellow passenger in Central Poland shares his story tomorrow on World Prayer Today.

Listen here to TTB-Lithuanian.