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God is with us

August 19, 2022

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Our final stop on this week’s prayer trek through southern Asia is Tamil Nadu. Sit a minute and meet with a recent widower, Biyyani. He shares:

“Before my wife’s death, my faith wasn’t very strong. But in our time of despair God didn’t leave us. Your programs comforted us, and His Word strengthened us. We felt His love in ways that were unusual to us. God is helping us in all our ways. Please pray for my three daughters—-for their future life. And pray for me, that through my profession as a tailor I will be able to provide the best for them.”

What a terrific reminder that even in our darkest moments, God is with us, holding us upright. As we pray for Biyyani’s family, lift up all those on the Bible Bus who are grieving. Ask God to make His presence known to them, to comfort them and strengthen their faith in His miraculous and “unusual” ways.

Do you know someone facing the loss of someone they love? Share Dr. McGee’s free digital booklet, “For Those Who Grieve,” with them today.

Next week our prayer team is off to eastern Asia. Meet us in Japan on Monday.