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Praying for purpose in the pain

June 29, 2022

For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain. -Philippians 1:21

“Last year was tough, but your teaching of God’s Word kept me going.”

That’s what we hear from a listener in Eswatini today. She continues:

We lost members of our family through COVID-19, and life was difficult. I was down and disturbed, but through this program I feel new and revived. Thank you for reminding us that for us, to live is Christ (He is my source of joy, my reason to live) and to die is gain (for I will be with Him in eternity). This verse took on new meaning that will always be with me. I now understand Paul’s passion and his contentment even in his pain. I pray others will find hope and solace in it, too.”

Today let’s echo that prayer, asking God to give us the strength to glorify Him in our darkest moments. May all who join us on the Bible Bus in Eswatini and around world realize that when we turn to Him, His grace is sufficient in all our circumstances.

What happens when we hide God’s Word in our hearts? Find out tomorrow as we pray our way through South Africa.

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