World Prayer Today

7 practical questions to help align your prayers with God’s heart

May 06, 2022

“Beloved, that is what it means to pray in the name of Christ. It means to get in tune with heaven. It does not mean God must rearrange His program for us, but that He will work mightily upon us if we get our little instrument in tune so that whatsoever we ask, He will do.” -Dr. J. Vernon McGee, from his booklet “Let Us Pray”

Stick close to God and He will stick close to you. That’s what we learned on the Bible Bus today, and it’s exactly what we’re praying for each of you as we travel together on our knees each day.

In short, our desire is that you crave God’s presence more than His answers to our requests. If that’s your goal too, here are seven practical questions to help you determine if your instrument is in tune (your heart is aligned with His):

  1. Is God your heavenly Father? (John 1:12)
  2. Have you talked with Him today? (Mark 1:35)
  3. Do you believe God hears you? (Psalm 116:1-2; James 1:6)
  4. Is there anything between you and God that might hinder your conversation? (1 John 1:9)
  5. Do you think your prayers make any difference? (James 5:16)
  6. Do you want God’s will to be done more than your prayer to be answered “yes”? (Matthew 6:9-12)
  7. Are you willing to trust Him if His answer is “no” or “not now”? (Romans 8:28)

As you answer these questions for yourself, pray for your fellow World Prayer Team members. Thank Him that together we are growing closer to Him and learning to trust Him more each day.

It’s been a joy celebrating God’s work in our lives as we pray together. Join us on Monday as we intercede for brothers and sisters in Uttar Pradesh, India.