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Praying for God’s work in Norway

June 08, 2021

Have you heard of a snow hotel? Every year in Kirkenes, Norway, a hotel is built featuring a different theme. The rooms offer a mattress set in an ice frame and unique artwork on the walls.

Today our World Prayer journey takes us through the diverse landscapes of Norway, from the stunning west coast fjords to snow-covered mountains. As we take in the beauty of God’s creation here, we take a minute to turn our hearts to the spiritual landscape, too.

On previous visits, we’ve learned that although Norway was once one of the world’s leading missionary-sending nations, most Norwegians are no longer committed to living by faith in Jesus Christ. In addition, Islam is now the second largest religion, with Muslims emigrating from places such as Pakistan and Iran.

Today let’s continue our prayers and thank God for the work He is already doing in the lives of the Norwegian people. As His Word goes out, may a spiritual yearning begin in the hearts of all those who hear it.

Our journey through northern Europe continues tomorrow as we pray for the next generation in Sweden.

Listen here to TTB-Norwegian.