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Good news in Ghana

May 31, 2021

“Ask God to expand the ministry of His Word in Ghana. As more people hear about Jesus, may they choose to submit their wills to Him and leave the traditions of their past behind.”

That’s what went out in a World Prayer Team email on June 1, 2020, and today we ask you to keep praying … because God is answering! Rejoice in these recent emails from those who join us each day on the Bible Bus in their language of Twi.

“Today’s topic is an eye opener to all believers. We need to be deeply rooted in God’s Word so that we are not deceived by anyone.”

“As believers, we need to always seek wisdom from God and not rely on our own experience, as today’s teaching is telling us. When we do this, we will mature in the Lord.”

“Last year was full of anxieties and challenges, but we were able to survive by God’s grace. I am proud to be a listener of Thru the Bible. God’s Word has helped me build my spiritual discernment so that I am not deceived, and I have learned to trust the Lord in every situation, including Covid-19.”

Nigeria is our prayer destination for tomorrow. Hop aboard and join us.

Listen here to TTB-Twi.