World Prayer Today

“Jesus has become my consolation and hope.”

March 16, 2021

“My life has been difficult, but through your programs Jesus has become my consolation and hope.”

That’s what we hear from Saime, who watches THRU the BIBLE on satellite TV from her home in Turkey. She continues:

“I’m 29 years old and was raised in Adana. My father was unkind and my childhood was difficult. When I was 17, I was forced to marry my cousin from a distant city. I had only met him twice in my life. After that, my job was to serve everyone who lived in his family’s home.

“Once we had three children, my husband left me and started working in another city. He visited just once or twice a year. Later he brought us with him to Istanbul. That’s where I found you. Jesus has become my consolation and hope. Through Him I have found meaning to live again. He became my light and salvation. I’m praying every day, and He does give me comfort. I am not allowed to talk about the episodes, but my husband has seen the change in my mood and attitude, and he allows me to watch. Please pray he does not change his mind.”

It’s true, even in the darkest of situations, God’s Word brings light. Pray for the hopeless in Turkey today. Like Saime, may the truth found in a relationship with Jesus open the doors to their hearts and flood the dimness of their days with the light of His Word. Intercede for them from your position in Christ Jesus who loves them, too.

A sister asks for a Bible to be delivered to her brother in Tehran. More tomorrow on World Prayer Today.

Watch the TTB-Turkish satellite TV program here.