World Prayer Today

A couple in Canada discover treasure in God’s Word

March 04, 2021

“The church we grew up in was ritualistic and rigid. Neither of us wanted to ever go back.” 

That’s what we hear from a listener named Gia in New Brunswick. She continues: 

“When we moved to Canada from Italy, my husband found work as a mason. Each day the men listened to your program as they worked. Soon my husband began to talk about what he was learning, and I was confused. So, he purchased the Bible Bus Flash Drive, and I began to listen during the day too. Slowly our minds began to change about church, and we found a local congregation we love. 

“At home, a small radio sits on my kitchen counter, and at night while cooking or doing dishes we now listen and learn together. We can never hear enough! Thank you for introducing us to the treasure found in God’s Word and in fellowship with His people. We pray for Thru the Bible’s ministry around the world, especially here in Canada and in our homeland, Italy.”

Let’s join Gia and her husband as they pray for THRU the BIBLE’s reach in Canada and around the world. As God’s Word is taught, ask Him to open hearts and minds to the truth and the treasure waiting to be found in it. 

Join us tomorrow for our final prayer stop in Canada. Manitoba is on our minds and hearts … meet us there.