World Prayer Today

“Although it is risky, it’s time for everyone to know Jesus”

February 01, 2021

After civilian protests brought an end to the rule of dictator Hassan al Bashir, much remains uncertain in Sudan, especially for the few Christians who live among the Sunni Muslim majority.

Welcome, World Prayer Team. As we begin our week-long voyage through Eastern Africa we stop in Khartoum and pray a new government will offer religious freedom and more rights for Christians who often live in fear. A listener named Rahhal also adds a request of his own.

“We thank the Lord for His love and your love for us. We are going through a lot of hardships here, and we need prayers. We are praying for real peace throughout Sudan, Jesus’ peace. Therefore, I would like to thank you for helping us in spreading the Lord’s Word through your program. I’ve been spreading the good news around. Although it is risky, it’s time for everyone to know Jesus. Your teaching is helping me answer many questions that I’m asked from people who are from different ethnicities and religions. Keep it up, please, and bear with me if I ask many questions. I am myself still new in my relationship with Jesus. Bless your efforts in serving Him, and please pray for a new day in our country.”

What a great letter. Let’s join Rahhal in praying for peace. Not the peace made by government treaties, but the peace found only in knowing Jesus our Savior. May God’s children in Sudan reach out to others with His love.

Our journey through Eastern Africa is just beginning. Join us tomorrow as our prayer journey takes us to Zambia.

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