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Battling Covid-19, a family in Bolivia clings to Isaiah 40:29

January 18, 2021

He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength. -Isaiah 40:29

Welcome to Bolivia. As our World Prayer Team prays our way through South America, we meet with Froilan, a Bolivian listener who joins us on the Bible Bus in his native language of Quechua. He happily shares:

“I am the father of a large family. I wasn’t well ,and the coronavirus began to spread from one of us to another. My family had some very difficult moments with this illness. Some days we were depressed and other days we were too sick to get out of bed. After months of being isolated in our home, we began to feel imprisoned.

"We are grateful that your radio program was always with us, reminding us it’s ok when we feel weak and to take our strength from the Lord. Even the doctor that visited us agreed God’s Word is a great medicine in times of pandemic. I know now that the prescriptions we take can help with the symptoms of the virus, but only the Lord can heal the heart and save the soul. I ask you to keep this program on the radio, and I pray more Bolivians will come to know this truth.”

Praise God for the health of this family, and lift up our fellow Bible Bus passengers who are currently infected with Covid-19 and those with other serious illnesses. May they too lean on God’s strength and find comfort in His promises. And like Froilan, ask God to reach more Bolivians with His Word heard on THRU the BIBLE.

Pack your hiking boots, tomorrow we’re asking for God’s favor as we journey through Southern Asia.

Listen here to TTB-Quechua.