World Prayer Today

God answers “yes” to this prayer from Pakistan

November 17, 2020

Despite constitutional provisions for religious freedom, Christians in Pakistan are among the world’s most persecuted.

Welcome, World Prayer Team. As we travel through this beautiful and dangerous land, we praise God for the way His Word is changing lives of listeners like Yasim:

“I am a part of a society where the childless status of a woman is considered a punishment. I was living my life in depression, as I was rejected by many. I was not even allowed to go to wedding ceremonies or participate in family celebrations.

“One day a TTB Home Group coordinator gave me an MP3 player with your programs. While I was listening to the book of Samuel from the Old Testament, I heard the story of Hannah. It was a life-changing experience. I came to know Jesus as my Savior and eventually prayed the same words as Hannah. After a time, God blessed me with a child. I want others to know in this hopeless society that Jesus Christ is our only light. He is the one who gives us hope, who gives us life, and answers prayer. I pray to raise my child to follow Him as I now do.”

Praise God He allows us to bring our longings before Him and thank Him for His gentle care. Celebrate His “yes” to Yasim’s prayer; and ask Him to show grace to those still waiting for answers.

God’s goodness shines all over Ivory Coast. Join us there tomorrow as we praise and pray our way through the end of 2020.