World Prayer Today

Listeners in Belgium are hearing God’s Word and responding!

October 26, 2020

Despite a growing disinterest in religion, God’s Word is taking root in Belgium. So, lace up those walking shoes and roam with us through the medieval town cores. While we’re there, we’ll likely add an inch or two to our waistlines sampling the waffles, chocolates, mussels, and french fries (to name just a few of the local favorites).

As we think of Belgium, let’s celebrate how God’s Word is changing the lives of listeners like these.  

A gentleman who joins us in his language of Dutch shares:

“I am so incredibly thankful to study the Bible with you. Last night I listened to the first of your programs on Amos, and this morning I went back as I felt I didn’t capture it all in my mind. The background and history from that time period is very interesting, and you can see the connection between the evil committed by people and the judgement carried out by God after great patience. The more I study, I am amazed at God’s patience. I’m glad for truth, though … God is great, patient, and gentle; but He is also righteous. There will come a day when He will judge.”

And this listener of our French programs emailed to say:

“I am Belgian and listen to your programs in the car. I don’t mind traffic jams anymore. This program is SUPER! You are true, faithful to the Word, and without controversy. I recommend your site to everyone around me! Pray more Belgians hear the Word and heed it. Our country needs God to heal our tensions and bring us together.”

There’s no denying God is at work in Belgium. What a privilege to pray for His Word to spread, and for more Belgians to respond in faith to God’s gift of salvation through His Son Jesus Christ.

Tomorrow, we’re off to pray our way through the wet coastal climate of Ireland. Come for the beauty … stay for the prayer.