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A suicidal listener in Bulgaria meets God on the radio

September 22, 2020

Today’s stop on our world prayer tour brings us to Bulgaria where a listener named Liliyana shares her story:

“After a terrible breakup with my fiancé, I felt unloved and worthless. I wanted to give up. To slip away from this life. A friend knew of my situation and stayed with me for a week or two. Every night she would listen to your programs, and I began to listen with her. Thank you for getting me through a very low time in my life. After listening for a few months, I was reminded that I am precious in God’s eyes. I still listen to the program each evening and feel peace.”

Praise God for His extravagant love for each one of us. As His Word goes out in Bulgaria and around the world, pray people realize their worth as a child of God because of the riches we have in Jesus Christ. And then may His peace and joy strengthen our lives in Him.

Do you have a story about how God has shown His extravagant love in your life? Email us at [email protected].

We’re praying for God’s people in Ukraine tomorrow. You won’t want to miss it.