World Prayer Today

The timelessness of God’s Word

July 29, 2020

While the province of Quebec is widely French speaking, English is also understood and spoken. That’s why Thru the Bible airs in both languages in this remarkable region.

As our prayer team prays our way through Canada this week, we stop and meet with a listener named Emma who listens in English.

“Thank you for your wonderful ministry of sharing God’s Word through the voice of Dr. McGee. It never fails to bring me back to kneeling before Christ’s throne in humility and love. It’s so wonderful to have access to good teaching and have an ability to integrate the Bible into my daily life, so I can continue to walk with Him. God bless you for your ministry—as the truth in the Bible is timeless. It amazes me how applicable Dr. McGee’s words are still today.”

God’s Word is timeless. Today let’s thank Him for the opportunity to share it in English in Quebec (on Friday we’ll be back praying for those who listen in French). As Thru the Bible goes out, may His truth find a home in hearts across Canada and beyond.

We’ve got more to pray about in Saskatchewan tomorrow. Hop aboard and join us!