World Prayer Today

A drug addict finds Jesus … then so does his entire family

June 05, 2020

Welcome, World Prayer Team. As we travel on our knees through the country of Niger, we meet with a father who is excited to share this good news:

“My son was a drug addict. He spent his nights traveling the streets, meeting with unsavory people, and doing wicked things. I spent many sleepless nights afraid to find him dead the next morning. One night he did not have money and could not buy drugs. He then ran into a man that offered him something better. As they listened to your radio program together, my son felt a pulling in his heart and the man who is a pastor led him to Christ. Because of the great changes we saw in my son’s behavior and because he played your program loudly every day, each member in my family, including me, has become born again. We give glory to God for saving our son from drugs and for the eternal life He has given each of us through His Son Jesus Christ.”

God is good! His strength truly is made perfect in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). Isn’t that a terrific example?

As we gather on our knees today, pray that more people in Niger—where less than 1% of the population is Christian and more than 97% are Muslim—hear of Jesus and respond. One by one, may they come to know Him and, as a result, see great changes in their families and throughout their country.

Next week our prayer tour takes us to Northern Europe. We’ll meet on Monday in Finland.