World Prayer Today

“Without God, we can do nothing.”

May 05, 2020

“This was my first year on the World Prayer Team, and it always gives me joy to pray for others.”

That’s what we hear from our fellow prayer warrior, Valerie. Welcome to World Prayer Today. This week we’re celebrating the work God is doing in our lives as we pray for those who hear Thru the Bible around the world. Here’s more of Valerie’s letter:

“I am especially touched by those in countries where Christianity is outlawed and unwelcome. I am humbled by the courage and boldness of my brothers and sisters who endure persecution for their faith in Christ. May we all be able to face hardships with the same strength and trust like those we pray for.

“Being on the team has shown me how desperately we all need to be in a right relationship with God. Because without Him, we can do nothing. Thank you to all the other prayer warriors, and for giving me this opportunity.”

It’s a pleasure and privilege praying with the team every day. And like Valerie, ask the Lord to give us all strength and trust as we face the difficult moments in our lives.

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Tomorrow we hear from another team member named Hope in Massachusetts. See you then.