World Prayer Today

“We had no money, but … we were immeasurably rich.”

April 29, 2020

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Today as we travel on our knees through Argentina, we are privileged spend a few minutes with a fellow Bible Bus passenger named Manuel.

“Listening to your teaching is a blessing for me. It takes me back to my childhood years, when my father always tuned into this station. What beautiful memories. We were very poor, but my beloved father showed us how to love God. And even though they are no longer here, neither him nor my mother, they left us the greatest treasure that parents can leave to their children. We had no money, but somehow we knew we were immeasurably rich.

“We had a perfect example and knowledge of the ways of God. Today, along with almost all my siblings, we follow these precious ways, teaching our children to love God and His Son, Jesus Christ. May God continue blessing you, and may you continue with this beautiful work.

“I pray this brief testimony of the perseverance of my parents brings encouragement to mothers and fathers who listen to Thru the Bible. Parents do not be weary of doing well, because in due time we shall reap a great harvest.”

Praise God for parents who are raising children to love the Lord. As you pray for those in your community, remember parents in Argentina and around the world, too. May God bless their families as they faithfully live for Him in the quiet, daily task of modeling to their children what it looks like to love the Lord.

Join us tomorrow as our travels take us to the beautiful beaches of Brazil.