World Prayer Today

Pray for pastors in a country many call a spiritual battlefield…

March 26, 2020

Unlike many African countries surrounding it, Gabon is known for its political stability and peaceful existence.

However, with many government leaders (including the former president) converting to Islam, the mix of cultic practices with Christian beliefs and secret societies that rely on dangerous initiation rituals, tribal beliefs, and drug use to instill fierce loyalty in their members, many describe Gabon as a spiritual battlefield.

Today as we travel on our knees through this beautiful and complicated country, we praise God for using His Word to transform the life of listeners like this one:

“I am a pastor and would like to have the notes on your teachings, please. I feel as though you are a partner in my ministry. I suggest each person in our church listen to you during the week and the difference in our discussions about the Lord is amazing. We are grateful that through your teachings, the Word of God is easy to understand. Thank you, and the Lord bless you!”

Pray for this pastor and all who share God’s Word around the world. Ask God to provide for them and protect them, and ask Him to multiply their ministry as they share His life and love with those who desperately need it.  

We’ve got one final stop in Middle Africa. Come along tomorrow as we pray for listeners of Thru the Bible’s Lingala program.