World Prayer Today

“I mocked those who didn’t follow our way of life. But then …”

January 21, 2020

“Listening to your programs, my life has changed. I grew up in a conservative family, worshipping the God of my people. I used to judge a lot. I thought our point of view was right and mocked those who didn’t follow our way of life. But then things changed, I fell on some hard times. I started questioning life and found your program by accident.”

Well, we all know that was no accident. This young Arabic-speaking man continues:

“Some of the things you said were not acceptable to me, but I liked how honest you were. Later I was impressed by how you talked about God your Father. There was no distance. Nothing you could do to earn His love. It was hard for me to admit it in the beginning, but I was longing for something like that.

“A few months ago, I started to pray because I wanted to have a personal relationship with Him like you talked about it. Not long after, I gave my life to Christ. I can feel that my heart is changing because things which were important for me are not anymore. And things which were unimportant are now at the forefront of my mind. Thank you for being a guide to me.”

Praise God for God’s grace that changes us from the inside out. As we travel through Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Yemen and more than 17 other countries in the Middle East today, ask God to break down barriers and open the hearts of people who hear His Word. May the peace and hope offered in a relationship with Jesus Christ offer a compelling contrast to the turbulence in which many in this region live. Pray they find true peace in Jesus Christ.

Tomorrow it’s our joy and privilege to pray our way through Eastern Europe and hear from a listener in Russia. Meet us there.