World Prayer Today

May God’s Word be heard and His name praised

January 14, 2020

God’s Word to be heard and His name to be praised—that’s what we pray for today as we travel through Oceania. Intercede for more listeners like this one to study with us in the Arabic and Hindi languages:

“I am originally from Senegal, but now live in Australia. I love your program. I learned Arabic because I had to read the Quran, but I found your radio program and listen to it daily. I love the Holy Bible now. I love each word you explain. Will you send me a Bible in Arabic? Do you have any literature that could help me understand more about your Jesus? I’m falling in love with this program, therefore I believe I may be falling in love with Jesus. Is this possible? It would be quite hard on my family if I leave Islam. Please pray they will understand and perhaps even follow me.”

It’s estimated that nearly 620,000 Muslims and 650,000 Hindus live in the countries that make up Oceania. Pray that God prepares their hearts and provides each one with the opportunity to hear His Word taught on Thru the Bible.

What countries are considered part of Eastern Asia? Join us tomorrow on World Prayer Today and find out.