World Prayer Today

Pray for light in Middle Africa

January 13, 2020

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Today, praise God and ask Him to continue to shine His light of life and truth on Middle Africa.

As we journey through the more than nine countries that comprise this region, we meet with a listener of our Somali broadcasts who asks us to pray for this:

“I am part of a small church that enjoys your broadcasts. We have no pastor and before did not have a way to study the Word of God. As we meet together, we study, praise, and pray. The hope we have is to see our towns and villages stable, the law and order restored, and life return to normal. We hope to see the church in certain areas built, and see the light of Christ again, shining in our homes. We ask that you continue your broadcasts and join in these prayers for our community and country.”

We’ve heard their request, now let’s pray!

Heavenly Father, thank you for the opportunity to broadcast Your Word in Somalia and Middle Africa. Through it we pray you give their leaders wisdom and understanding to bring peace to those living in unrest and aid to those who desperately need it.

Please strengthen those who boldly share their faith and give them courage. Through them, may Your Word spread like wildfire and Your church be strengthened. We ask that Your people will be a light for all to see, and that Your name will be lifted high throughout this land. In Jesus name, amen.

Pack your bags, we’ll travel on our knees through Oceania tomorrow!