World Prayer Today

Praising our Protector and Provider

January 06, 2020

The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. -Proverbs 18:10

That’s the Scripture verse our ministry partners are shouting from the rooftops in Central Asia. Here is the letter explaining why:

“We were confronted with major legal problems in Kazakhstan. It was clear to us that our mission to preach the gospel to the peoples of this land was not yet complete. But how do you move forward when there are laws against our activities?

“We were dealing with serious problems. Looking back, we can see in very practical ways how the Lord was quietly helping us. Our work continued despite limitations. Another country in Central Asia also had serious problems. Our local partner required a special license and it seemed impossible to obtain it. For a long time, we looked together for solutions and had the impression of being in a dead end. Much prayer ensued, but I wondered (almost desperately) if we would find a way to continue.

“Then it all suddenly changed. One day for no apparent reason, we had a new starting point, and in just a few months we had the necessary approval in hand. After months, the good news came from the Ministry of Justice that the documents were in order. Looking back, we can certainly agree with Proverbs 18:10. Each time we ran to God, He not only protected us, He provided for us. Please keep praying that this year more people will be reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ.”

God is good—all the time. As we join these brothers and sisters in prayer, remember to pray Proverbs 18:10 over our own lives, too. Whatever we face, wherever we are, let’s run to the Lord and look to Him as our strong tower.

Grab your passport, we’ll pray our way through Southern Europe tomorrow.