World Prayer Today

Travel the World in 2020

January 01, 2020

Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; let Your glory be above all the earth. -Psalm 57:5

Welcome, World Prayer Team! We’re grateful to have you aboard as we begin a New Year (and a new journey) praying for God’s glory to be seen and His name to be exalted in every country on earth.

Join us each Monday through Friday as we pray our way through cities, countries, and continents asking God for His will to be done in our hearts and in the people we meet as we take His whole Word to the whole world.

To get a glimpse of all that’s to come this year, we’ve scheduled a quick global tour in January. This fast-paced journey will take us through 21 regions as we pray in broad brush strokes and ask God to open our eyes and hearts to the areas where He is at work.

Then, in February, our itinerary will focus on one country each day. It’s going to be an amazing adventure. Our deepest desire is to:

  • Learn more about God’s amazing work in our lives globally.
  • Feel connected to our brothers and sisters in Christ—those we may never meet, who live in amazing places we may never physically visit.
  • Draw closer to the Lord, as we realize (in new and fresh ways) the depth and breadth of His love for His people … including each of us.

Are you ready? Pack your bags, because we depart tomorrow for Eastern Africa. You’ll definitely need a sunhat and some hiking shoes.

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