World Prayer Today

God’s Word is changing lives in the Muslim world

December 20, 2019

God’s Word is changing lives in Algeria!

That’s what our World Prayer Team is celebrating today. In a country where 99% of the population is Muslim, listen to this good news:

“Can I ask you to help me learn more about Christianity? Your program helps me understand a lot. I was given a hunger in my soul to search for Jesus and to know more about Him. I need your support in this because I am a Muslim and my family would not approve.”

As we slow down and begin our family celebrations, let’s keep praying and praising God for the way He is reaching into hearts and homes in the most unexpected places. From Algeria to Albania, Arkansas, Angola and beyond … ask God to flood the hearts of people with His grace and love this season and beyond.

It’s a privilege to pray and praise alongside you, join us for more on Monday as we visit with a grateful member of our Prayer Team.