World Prayer Today

Satisfying an appetite for God in France

November 20, 2019

Bonjour! Today our World Prayer Team is traveling through one of Europe’s largest and most charming countries.

Yes, we’re in France, praying for the 62 million people who live in this secular country where many are “Christian” but, too often, in name only. More than 300 towns and cities in France have no evangelical presence, which is why radio and Internet broadcasting are increasingly effective in teaching people how to know God and His Word.

Marie, from Saint-Aygulf tells us,

I’m still on the Bible Bus and I continue to glean new understanding from God’s Word. I hunger more and more for the Word. With each new truth I learn, I jump for joy! God is reigning over our lives! Let’s worship Him!”

Praise God today that He is reaching people like Marie and giving her a passion for His Word. Pray for more in Marie’s home country to increase their desire and longing for God. 

Tomorrow we find out what God is doing in Latin America.