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“I’m growing up!”

October 21, 2019

“Hello brothers and sisters! My name is Po, and I am also a brother living in Thailand. My brother serves God, the only God, as a pastor in Vietnam.

“He asked me to relay this to you: ‘I have served God in Vinh Long province for about 15 years. During this whole time I have listened to your program. Your program is helpful for everyone who craves pure spiritual milk. By listening to it, our spiritual lives have grown up. And then we go out to share the gospel to unbelievers in our villages. By doing this, many unbelievers knew who Jesus is, and then they accepted Him as their Savior. Indeed our labor in the Lord is not in vain. On behalf of listeners in my church, we thank God deeply.’”

What a great encouragement to keep praying for people in Southeast Asia to hear and respond to the Word of God taught on Thru the Bible.

Tomorrow, we’ll be on our knees for a very special group of people in Vietnam. See you then!