World Prayer Today

Eagerly following Jesus in the Middle East

September 27, 2019

All week we’ve been praying for people in the Middle East to find and follow Jesus. Are you ready for your heart to be strengthened with good news?

Janit, a young woman originally from Iraq, recently shared this good news:

“I’ve been listening to your program since I was a little girl over 15 years ago when I was living in Iraq! I used to sit next to the radio at night and listen for the whole episode, learning from the Word of God. And then I went to Syria and I continued listening and was eager to keep learning through your program what the Lord wanted me to do or be. After Syria I immigrated to New Zealand three years ago, but I couldn’t find your broadcasts. When I found a job and could buy a cell phone, I found the TWR app and therefore I found my beloved episodes of Thru the Bible! So after telling you all this, I want to tell you that I am with Jesus, close and in a good relationship with Him all because of you! I sure couldn’t have made it without your program!! I thank the Lord for each one of you!”

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness to us—and for people who walk faithfully with Him.

Continue to pray for the people of the Middle East to find Jesus as they search for Him with their whole hearts.

See you next week as we continue our worldwide travel on our knees.