World Prayer Today

Where’s Qatar?

September 25, 2019

It’s easy to miss Qatar on a map. Dwarfed by the neighboring countries of Saudi Arabia and Iran, Qatar hangs on the top edge of the Arabian Peninsula.

As you’d expect, it’s a desert land—miles of sand and sun with intense heat, interspersed with stifling humidity for most of the year. But sandstorms are not the only thing in the air—radio broadcasts are bringing the good news of Jesus Christ—and people are listening.

Like Mohib, who writes:

When I listen daily to the TTB-Arabic program through the radio broadcasts, I truly experience heavenly joy! Keeping close to the Word of God keeps my soul refreshed and at peace. Although all the surroundings in our region of the world are a source of disturbance and self destruction, I believe that He who is with me is stronger than he who is against me!! Believe me, TTB is my refuge for daily life!”

Thank God for streams in the desert and ask Him to continue to bring life out of the wilderness.

Tomorrow we’ll continue praying for the people of the Middle East—traveling on our knees to the country “whose roots are in the Middle East, but whose branches shade western Europe.”