World Prayer Today

Not good enough to get to God

September 24, 2019

Every world religion has its form of “good enough.”

For some it’s self-denial, for others it’s good works. Every false religion presents an “earn it” regimen. Praise the Lord that the Bible admits no one could ever be good enough—we need grace.

This week, the World Prayer Team travels across the Middle East on our knees. As we do, let’s remember young men and women like Mahmoud from Tehran who called our offices there and asked,

How can I be saved from my sins through Issa [Jesus] being sacrificed? Please help me understand. I want to be saved from hell and first from my sins, but in the Quran it always says we have to be good to go to paradise, but I never feel I’m good enough to go!”

The truth is none of us are good enough. That’s the beauty of the mercy of God, who offers us grace when we humbly come to Him for hope and life.

Let’s pray together tomorrow for people in Qatar living on the north end of the Arabian Peninsula.