World Prayer Today

Ireland: In sunny and stormy times

September 10, 2019

“In sunny and stormy times…”—certainly Ireland has known both through the years.

Today as we pray for our brothers and sisters on the beautiful emerald island, ask the Lord to bless those who walk with Him there and make them a beacon of hope in a land often plagued by conflict and struggle.

A fellow Bible Bus passenger named Ian wrote saying,

“Thank you for sharing that our e-mails to you are an encouragement because you are certainly a great encouragement to me. I think that the picture of a Bible Bus was a real inspiration, as I have the vision of it going along in all weathers, both sunny and stormy. That really is a comfort to me as opposition and difficulties come my way—which they are at present. May I wish all of you on the Bible Bus a really happy journey through the Word.”

Yes, and to you, too, brother.

We journey to the Land of the Midnight Sun tomorrow. See you then!