World Prayer Today

Where is Samoa?

July 26, 2019

In the vast Pacific Ocean, thousands of miles southwest of Hawaii, is an island group called Samoa. Even in this remote location, the radio broadcast of God’s Word is changing lives.

One listener in Samoa wrote,

We are neighbors with a Christian family, and we hear them regularly listen to a program on the radio. Once, I got to overhear their program that said ‘Jesus wants to take your heavy burdens because He loves you and cares for you.’

“I was rather intrigued, and I inquired about this Jesus to them. The family was very welcoming and listened to our problems. They gave us another radio so we could listen to the program in our own home.

“The next day, I heard the speaker box say that God created man in His own image for His glory. Then the teacher added, ‘My dear friends, would you accept such a God as your heavenly Father who not only cares for your physical needs but for your spiritual needs also?’

“I burst out in tears after listening to these words and made the decision to accept Christ as my Savior and lay all my burdens on Him. With the help of our loving neighbors, I began my walk in the faith. With time, we have seen how God has released us from all our difficulties and troubles in our home, and has taught us to move ahead and onward.”

What a great example of how our lives affect those around us. Praise God that His Word is bringing life and peace to Samoa. This weekend, continue to remember those who are burdened and without hope in every country of the world.

Next week let’s pray across the U.S. and Canada. See you then.