World Prayer Today

The more people, the better

July 15, 2019

“The more people the better!” That’s what one listener of our Mandarin broadcasts in China says about the people that have begun to show up at her door to hear the gospel.

Listen to her inspiring story.

“A lady in my neighborhood would visit houses to sell her beauty products. She became quite discouraged that no one would answer the door. One day when she arrived at my home I invited her in. I told her I would be happy to listen to her talk about her products if she would let me tell her about Jesus. We spent an hour together and she gave her life to the Lord! A few days passed and she brought her brother to meet me and he too believed in the Lord. Now people come and go and I am happy to tell them about the Lord. The more people the better, I say! And when they leave I always tell them to listen to your broadcasts to learn more about our loving Father and His Son who died for our sins.”

Praise God for faithful sisters like this one! As you pray today, lift up her growing ministry and ask God to bless all those who boldly share Jesus in their communities. Let’s also ask Him to give us more opportunities to share His name in our neighborhoods as well.

We’ll be praying our way through Japan tomorrow. Hop aboard and join us!