World Prayer Today

Rich in resources, poor in spirit

July 03, 2019

Have you heard of Moldova? This tiny country sandwiched between Ukraine and Romania boasts the world’s richest and most fertile soil—growing vast wheat fields, vineyards, and orchards.

It may be surprising then to find out that with so many natural resources, Moldova is the poorest nation in Europe. With more than 72% of its people living below the poverty line and 60-80% of its adult population unemployed, each year thousands of people leave Moldova in search of work throughout Europe, leaving children to be raised in single family homes or with their elderly grandparents.

It’s here among a people who are desperate for hope that Thru the Bible airs in the language of Romanian. As one listener wrote:

“I listen to your programs about the Bible and I find hope. I have begun to tell my neighbors about the broadcasts and they now listen as well. We have not heard about Jesus before and wait patiently for the stories you tell.”

Today as we pray, ask God to expand the ministry of His Word in Moldova. As more people hear about Jesus, may they choose to submit their hearts and lives to Him.

Join us tomorrow as we pray our way through one of the world’s most restrictive countries, Turkmenistan.