World Prayer Today

Praying for the tiny church in Libya

June 11, 2019

Oil rich, but water poor—that’s how many describe the exotic and wealthy country of Libya.

Welcome to World Prayer Today. It’s here in the ancient cities along the stunning Mediterranean coastline that we stop and pray for the tiny church in Libya. While we thank God that in recent years Christians have enjoyed more freedom than in the past, we still have so much to pray about. As you go about your day, will you lift up one (or all) of the following requests:

  • Pray for Jesus to reveal Himself to Libyan Muslims
  • Pray for the removal of laws banning evangelism
  • Pray there will be enough Arabic Bibles for everyone who desires a copy
  • Pray for open doors for Christian media to spread God’s Word without restriction

Thanks for joining with us in the privilege of prayer.

Join us tomorrow as we’re off to one of the world’s neediest countries, Mauritania.