World Prayer Today

Praying for Muslims in Oman

June 10, 2019

Wide open doors. That’s what we are praying for today in Oman.

In recent years as oil reserves have dwindled, Oman has turned to tourism to rekindle its economy. It’s in this atmosphere of growth and modernization that Oman offers significantly more personal freedoms and political stability than many of its neighbors.

Yet Islam remains the state religion and claims roughly 89% of the population. The nearly 3% that profess Christianity are predominantly part of the expatriate community. And it remains illegal to share the gospel with Muslims.

So it’s not surprising that very few Omanis know Jesus. But the number is growing. Today let’s pray that God will break doors wide open and present new avenues to reach the 77% of the Omani population that have yet to hear the gospel. Ask Him to provide an unquenchable desire in their hearts for the truth—that they may not be satisfied until they find Him.

This week on World Prayer Today we’re traveling through the Middle East and North Africa. Join us tomorrow in the exotic country of Libya.