World Prayer Today

A World Prayer Team member asks for prayer

June 05, 2019

What country is on your heart?

We received this email from a World Prayer Team member, Mary Margaret, asking for prayer for Puerto Rico. She writes:

“Hi, World Prayer Team! I absolutely love being a part of our team, but I have a request. Please pray for Puerto Rico. They desperately need everyone’s collective prayer! When you pray, ask that so many Puerto Ricans will be set free from spiritism and voodoo. This is not an issue of intelligence or culture—this is the evil one’s doing. I beg you on my face to have a heart for Puerto Rico. God will hear our prayers and honor whatever work is invested. God bless you, team, in the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Let’s honor Mary Margaret’s request right now.

Father, we intercede for the people of Puerto Rico and ask that the chains of darkness would be broken and that the Light of Life would shine across that island. Thank You for our prayer warriors, so faithful at the job of intercession. Please use Your Word taught on Thru the Bible to reflect the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and may lives be rescued out of darkness.

Our prayer journey takes us into the rain forest of Brazil tomorrow. See you then!