World Prayer Today

Using the sun to share the Son

June 04, 2019

How do you share God’s Word with people who don’t have the Internet, local churches, or even in some cases, electricity?

We can use the sun to share the Son, that’s how. Thanks to solar technology, the people in the isolated mountains of Peru have access to the teaching of Thru the Bible through solar radios.

The solar radio is a very practical tool, loaded with the whole New Testament, Psalms, Proverbs and 89 Thru the Bible broadcasts—all in the local language of people groups in the hills of Peru.

One of our workers in Latin America says,

“This is an ideal way for young Christians to listen, often as families or in small groups. They use the player as a Bible study leader. We are grateful for this resource that local people can use so easily.”

Please pray for the people of Peru as they use these solar radios. Elsewhere in South America it is common for believers to report that they met Jesus in God’s Word by listening on this practical device.

We travel north to the Caribbean tomorrow—come pray with us.