World Prayer Today

How to pray for the Philippines

May 30, 2019

As we continue our sweeping prayer tour through every major region and country of the world, we see a variety of spiritual needs.

Here’s a small snapshot from recent texts from the Philippines on how to pray for and praise the Lord for His work there:

  • “I have only recently hopped aboard the Bible Bus—having joined part way through our study of Daniel. What a marvelous program this is! Every day I feel uplifted and encouraged from my time in God’s Word. I have recently also joined the World Prayer Team as a means to support my Christian brothers and sisters around the globe.”
  • “As I listen to this program, I feel as if I was sitting at school studying the Bible. Please pray for me. I want to be more and more transformed to be conformed to Christ.”
  • “Greetings to you, servants of God. Thank you for this Bible teaching. I am a Christian; I recognize that Jesus did great wonders for me, but I am not satisfied with my conduct. Sometimes I fail to overcome trials and I walk in sin. Pray for me to be spiritually mature and to overcome.”
  • “I am deeply touched by the Word of God on your teaching program. I have a big burden in my heart because I am a sinner. Please guide me and pray for me so that I could be a true Christian.”

We’ve got a huge variety of ways to pray for our Filipino brothers and sisters. Just pick one that hits home and lift your intercession to the Father now.

Join us on our knees tomorrow, as we travel to the Solomon Islands.