World Prayer Today

What only those who know Jesus can do

May 13, 2019

Mrs. Lugun is around 55 years old and lives in a village in the far eastern branch of India called Assam.

She recently called the Indian program office to tell us her story.

“I was born and brought up in a Christian family belonging to Garo tribe. My parents worked in the tea garden and raised me and my eight brothers and sisters to love Jesus. However, we could not read or write and were not financially able to go to school. I knew very little about the Bible.

“By and by I married and had three children. My husband discovered Bhakti Boson [Thru the Bible’s program in Assamese] on the radio one evening. We all listened regularly and were immensely blessed when we finally understood God’s Word. We all began to grow spiritually and came to know the love of God in our lives. We are determined that our children will read and write and be able to study the Bible for themselves.

“Only those who know Jesus and receive the benefit of His Word can be encouraged even during difficult times of our lives. His Word is to us like water on parched ground.”

Yes, those who walk with God know what Mrs. Lugun explains so beautifully. Today, lift up those who, because of illiteracy, have yet to understand God’s Word for themselves. Pray that radio reaches them. 

Tomorrow, we continue on our knees through India.