World Prayer Today

Lifting up those who serve

April 29, 2019

Welcome to Redlands, California, where today we pray alongside a fellow World Prayer Team member named Rick.

“I live in Southern California and ride the Bible Bus twice a day. Through your app I can listen on my cell phone and never have to miss a broadcast! Thank you for bringing the Word of God to so many of us who need it. It is my prayer that Thru the Bible continues to be a great vessel of God. May God bless Steve Shwetz, Greg Harris, and all those who labor at TTB. It is with great pleasure and trust that I give my monthly donation to be used to reach the whole world with the whole Word of God.”

What a great request.  As you may know, there are only a little more than ten dedicated, faithful people on staff at Thru the Bible! But many more volunteers—like those who serve on our board of directors, including our announcer, Steve Shwetz—and many others work together to broadcast God’s Word in more than 120 languages and over 160 countries worldwide.

So please join us in lifting up those who faithfully serve the body of Christ from our home office in California and around the world.

Our prayer journey through the U.S. continues tomorrow when we visit with another World Prayer Team member in Boise, Idaho. We’ll see you there!