World Prayer Today

“The Bible used to feel so distant but now feels so close to me”

April 08, 2019

As the World Prayer Team travels through South Korea today, we’re joining some listeners in praising God for His goodness.

Here’s a text we received from a listener in Seoul:

“Whenever I listen to ‘McGee’s Bible Study,’ even the most difficult passages are so easy to understand. I am thankful that because of the study, I can enjoy reading the Bible. I am looking forward to it!

“Just recently I started listening while driving with my family and my elementary school daughter has started to talk about what we are learning. What a joy! Our favorite thing is to talk about it. It is such a blessing to realize that God is a refuge and strength for everyone who relies on Him. Surprisingly my young daughter takes as much comfort in this as I do! Please keep broadcasting, we are listening.”

And here is a great email from a listener named Risa who writes:

“I am grateful that I can learn the Bible through ‘McGee’s Bible Study.’ I feel more strengthened every day by the in-depth explanation of God’s Word. I am amazed by the fact that the Bible, which seemed to be so distant, feels so close to me. I give thanks from the bottom of my heart to Pastor Kim and to those who make the program possible. I look forward to hearing the broadcast every day and praise God for His faithfulness in making His Word available across South Korea.”

Yes! Let’s join Risa in praising God for His faithfulness and ask the Lord to multiply His Word in South Korea and around the world!

Invite a friend and join us tomorrow as we travel to Mongolia.