World Prayer Today

A fresh revival for Scotland

March 21, 2019

Today we travel on our knees through the land of ancient castles and churches—Scotland.

Although there is a spiritual and moral poverty in the land, Scotland has a long history of spiritual revivals—even great missionaries and theologians like David Livingstone and Eric Liddell have called Scotland home.

As a prayer team today, boldly ask God to bring a hunger and thirst for revival back to Scotland. In spite of the spiritual decline, faithful believers who love the Word of God still live here—like this Scottish couple who wrote:

“At the close of last year you kindly sent me the Thru the Bible USB stick free of charge, via TWR. This kind act demonstrated a great deal to my (at the time, skeptical) wife.

“I want to thank you for understanding our financial situation at that time, as was explained in my email. I shall briefly mention we have since managed to send a donation via TWR to cover the costs. But that’s not the point of my email. The point is actually to tell you our wonderful news—which I’m sure you hear about most every day. My wife has opened her heart to God’s love and has now accepted Jesus into her life. In the past months we have very much enjoyed listening to Thru the Bible and have gained much blessing and understanding from it. Many tears of joy in both our lives.”

Thank you for your intercession, which carries God’s Word to hungry (sometimes even skeptical) folks like this couple. Thank you for praying today through Scotland.

Tomorrow we’ll pray for the iconic land of Sweden. See you then!