World Prayer Today

Encountering Jesus on the side of the road

March 05, 2019

Welcome, World Prayer Team! Today let’s pray for people who “accidentally” discover God’s Word … like this young woman in India who shares how God met her on the side of the road:

“One day I saw a man in my village seated on the roadside and listening to the radio very attentively. He was not bothered about what was going on around him and even in the hustle he was mesmerized by what he heard. I stopped and watched him for a while and decided to ask him what he was listening to. He told me it was a program that helps build his life and also gives him peace and joy that nothing else can. I got the details of the program and started tuning to the broadcast. I had never heard about Jesus or the Bible before! But today I understand what the Bible is and I have met Jesus as my Savior! The Bible gives me strength to face life. What did I do before?’”

She asks a good question—what did any of us do before we met Jesus? Pray today for more to know Him through the teaching of His Word.

Before God, remember people in India and all around the world as they hear the living and active Word of God. Ask Him to bring them to a deeper understanding of who He is and the gift of eternal life He offers everyone who will trust Him.

Join us tomorrow as we take an unexpected journey of hope in Afghanistan.