World Prayer Today

“Please pray for peace in our hearts and in our country”

February 13, 2019

“Please pray for peace in our hearts and in our country.”

That’s what we hear from a listener of our Croatian broadcast in Bosnia-Herzegovina. She continues:

“The Bible is the most valuable book in the world. Thank you for helping me understand each book in a more complete way. I pray that someday my family, who do not know Jesus Christ, will hear your words and find peace. I also pray that the people of my country will find the peace God offers through His Son. There is so much hurt and hate … through Jesus perhaps we can live together in peace and love.”

Isn’t that a great request? As you go about your day, will you remember to lift up this listener and others like her in Bosnia-Herzegovina? Ask God to encourage them as they seek His face in the midst of some very difficult times. And ask Him to use His Word as the basis for reconciliation and peace in a country that is still suffering the effects of a traumatic ethnic-religious war.

Our worldwide prayer adventure takes us to Hungary tomorrow. Hop aboard and join us.